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Narrow win for USA in Spain

The United States opened the "Four Nations" series in Spain with a narrow 20-14 win against their hosts. 

Spain lost a highly competitive test against the United States in Madrid by 14-20, in the first match of the “Women's 4 Nations” . After the first 40 minutes of American dominance, Las Leonas had much the best of the second half and with 10 minutes to go they tool the lead following to Carmen Castellucci 's try.

In the first minutes of the game were largely controlled by the American hands. The Americans easily penetrated the Spanish 22 and it was only Claudia Peña's kicking success that kept Spain in he game.

But despite their dominance the United States could only score  single try and the break with the game they only lead by 8-6.

In the second half, Las Leonas were physical and appeared better focused. These two ingredients added to the support of the 1,200 fans present at the Estadio Nacional Complutense helped Las Leonas take the lead midway through the second half.

But an American try in the final minutes of the match gave them the victory (14-20).

Spain: 1. Ines ANTOLINEZ 2. Cristina BLANCO (c) 3. Laura DELGADO 4. Anna PUIG S. Kasandra SYLLA 6. Lucia GAYOSO 7. Alba CAPELL 8. Carmen CASTELLUCCI 9. Lucia DIAZ 10. Zahia PEREZ 11. Claudia PEREZ 12. Maider ARESTI 13. Alba VINUESA 14. Clara PIQUERO 15. Claudia PENA

16. Maria DEL CASTILLO 17. Maria DE LAS HUERTAS ROMAN 18. Sidorella BRACIC 19. Nerea GARCIA 20. Vico GORROCHATEGUI 21. Julia CASTRO 22. Ines BUESO 23. Cristina LOPEZ

United States: 1. Hope Rogers; 2. Kathryn Treder; 3. Keiamae "Mae" Sagapolu*; 4. Jenny Kronish; 5. Evelyn Ashenbrucker; 6. Tahlia Brody*; 7. Georgie Perris-Redding; 8. Kate Zackary (C); 9. Olivia Ortiz; 10. McKenzie Hawkins; 11. Bulou Mataitoga; 12. Gabby Cantorna; 13. Eti Haungatau; 14. Summer Harris-Jones*; 15. Meya Bizer
16. Jett Hayward*; 17. Maya Learned; 18. Catie Benson; 19. Megan Neyen*; 20. Sophia Haley*; 21. Carly Waters; 22. Kristin Bitter*; 23. Autumn Czaplicki*;