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France & England ready for Super Series

France and England have announced their squads for the Super Series in Salt Lake City, USA next month.

The 26-player England squad that will travel on Monday for their three-game summer tour, holds a wealth of experience sharing 682 caps in total.

Alex Matthews and Megan Jones have been recalled from the sevens programme for the tour and two new names, Darlington Mowden Park Number 8 Zoe Aldcroft and Bristol forward Sarah Bern, will be looking to secure their first senior England caps having progressed through the U20 programme.

Other names returning to the side include Laura Keates, back from injury to try to gain her 50th England cap, and Richmond wing Fiona Pocock who also returns from time on the sidelines.

Coach Scott Bemand said: “This tour is an important opportunity for these girls to come together and play some of the top sides in the world. For those who haven’t been through the World Cup environment previously, they will experience everything there is around the tight turnaround of games and an away tour. We are really excited about the group of players travelling as it gives us the opportunity to further evolve our style of play.”

England: Zoe Aldcroft (Darlington Mowden Park) (uncapped); Sarah Bern (Bristol) (uncapped); Bianca Blackburn (Worcester) (13 caps); Lauren Cattell (Saracens) (18 caps); Lotte Clapp (Saracens) (7 caps); Rochelle Clark (Worcester) (110 caps); Amy Cokayne (Lichfield) (13 caps); Victoria Cornborough (Richmond) (14 caps); Lark Davies (Worcester) (1 cap); Courtney Gill (Worcester) (1 cap); Sarah Hunter (Bristol) (78 caps); Megan Jones (Bristol) (1 cap); Laura Keates (Worcester) (49 caps); Heather Kerr (Darlington Mowden Park) (6 caps); Ceri Large (Worcester) (47 caps); Ruth Laybourn (Darlington Mowden Park) (16 caps); La Toya Mason (Darlington Mowden Park) (54 caps); Katie Mason (Bristol) (10 caps); Alex Matthews (Richmond) (21 caps); Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield) (31 caps); Isabelle Noel-Smith (Bristol) (17 caps); Fiona Pocock (Richmond) (26 caps); Amber Reed (Bristol) (29 caps); Leanne Riley (Saracens) (7 caps); Tamara Taylor (Darlington Mowden Park) (91 caps); Lydia Thompson (Worcester) (22 caps)

For France most of the Six Nations-winning squad will be travelling to the USA, with the exception of Pauline Rayssac (work commitments ) and Dhia Traore and Julie Annery (injuries). As a result Lille prop Laure Clermidy and backrow/centre Pauline Soulard come in to join Caroline Thomas, captain of newly-promoted Clermont Auvergne, all looking to get their first caps.

France: Audrey Abadie (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Manon Andre (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Lise Arricastre (Lons Rugby féminin Béarn Pyrénées); Manon Bigot (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Julie Billes (Montpellier); Camille Boudaud (Rennes); Caroline Boujard (Montpellier); Pauline Bourdon (AS Bayonne); Camille Cabalou (AS Bayonne); Patricia Carricaburu (Lons Rugby féminin Béarn Pyrénées); Laure Clermidy (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Laura Delas (Stade Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby); Julie Duval (Ovalie Caennaise); Céline Ferer (AS Bayonne); Audrey Forlani (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Lucille Godiveau (Bobigny); Virginie Griere (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Gaëlle Hermet (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Camille Imart (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Emilie Mathieu (FC Grenoble Amazones); Romane Menager (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Gaëlle Mignot (Montpellier); Safi N’diaye (Montpellier); Carla Neissen (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Elodie Poublan (Montpellier); Yanna Rivoalen (Lille Métropole Rugby Club Villeneuvois); Laure Sansus (Stade Toulousain Rugby Féminin); Agathe Sochat (Bordeaux); Pauline Soulard (Blagnac-Saint Orens Rugby féminin); Caroline Thomas (Ovalie Romagnatoise Clermont Auvergne)

The Canadian squad was announced earlier this month.

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